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Physiotherapy for Horses

There are a variety of problems that physiotherapy can help with in horses.

When initially seen a full assessment is carried out of the horse, which starts by collecting a history what problems your horse has been having.

This will be followed by an assessment of your horse's paces, this may involve assessing their gait on different surfaces, in straight lines and circles, in hand, ridden and on the lunge.


















Girl with Horse

Palpation and mobilisation of their muscles, soft tissue and joints will be used identify problem areas. From this assessment your horse's problems will be identified and then an individual treatment program will be planned accordingly.


Physiotherapy for Horses can greatly improve their physical wellbeing. Your animals vet will be kept informed of the outcome of the assessment and the treatment plan at all times.


If your horse suffers from any of these conditions physiotherapy may help:


  • Spinal Pain and stiffness

  • Lameness and gait abnormalities

  • Muscle Imbalance

  • Muscle weakness

  • Tendon and ligament damage

  • Joint conditions

  • Compensatory problems

  • Saddle related problems

  • Post surgical complications

  • Soft tissue injuries

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